Sunday, April 14, 2013

GLEE!!!!! talking point #10

I must say that this is my first time watching Glee and I LOVE it!!!! For years my sister has been trying to get me to watch this show but I refused because for some reason I thought it was whack. I was wrong, this show is the!!!  I was in show choir in high school and I would have loved to have a glee club, it would have made my senior year experience more enjoyable. But anyways the reason for my post, in the pilot of the show I could clearly see struggles of being a teen, many people not wanted to join the glee club because it was not the popular thing to do. Finn Hudson who was on the football team was talented and had a very beautiful voice but chose not step up and join the glee club because the pressure of feeling like he was going to be a outcast by his football teammates. Because it was not accepted  in the football community, Fin felt like he couldn't branch out and do what he loved which was sing because the boys would make fun of him and call him a wimp. But the episode that really got me was “Never been Kissed”. It brought up a very touchy subject in the teenage/high school world which is homosexuality.  Kurt was an openly gay male and that didn't sit well with one of the foot ball players (Krofsky). I later found out that this Krofsky was also gay but he seem like he was confused about it. It reminded me of the Kimmel and Mahler reading. Clearly the reason why He was bullying Fin is because he felt like he was not a man anymore since he was gay. He used force and violence to try to prove to him and others that he was masculine(tough Guise act). Poor Kurt, I felt for him because he did nothing wrong, he was a normal kid just like all the other high schoolers and for him to get bullied because Krofsky (the loser) is beside me. It’s also interesting that for a while no one paid attention to him getting bullied. They all turned the other cheek and didn't treat it how they would normally treat the situation if it was a straight student.  It hurts my heart to know that LGBTQ bullying is out there running rampid in schools. This episode definitely pushed against some of the dominant ideologies masculinity and what it is to be a “man”.


  1. "It's also interesting that for a while no one paid attention to him getting bullied."

    I also noticed that when I was watching the episodes. In one of the episodes (I believe it was Never Been Kissed) Krofsky (the football player bullying Kurt) came by and slammed Kurt into the lockers causing him to fall to the floor and there was a girl standing right there by the lockers and she watched the whole thing happen and she did nothing...she just stood there and stared. And you have to wonder if Kurt was a heterosexual student would this scene have played out differently. Would the girl have turned around and defended him? Would this scene exists at all simply because Kurt would be a heterosexual male in Glee club? This scene really bothered me.

  2. O wow...I didn't even catch the girl standing there. But honestly, I don't think that the girl would have defended Kurt regardless, but then again the scene wouldn't have been in the episode if he was heterosexual. I feel like the whole purpose of that scene was to show Kurt being bullied by someone who is unsure of himself and his masculinity(which he tries to regain back by resorting to violence).