Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Thoughts on Croteou

Media and Ideology by Croteau was a very interesting reading. There was one section that really stood out to me which I didn’t quit agree with. Ideology as normalization talked about the media and explained how it’s not an ideology it is simply a mirror image of the world. I completely disagree, I believe that it is an ideology and is not a mirror image of the world today; it’s more like a skewed image that is transforming into a mirror image. Yes the world has some issues with drugs, murders, teen pregnancy etc. but I feel as if the media glorifies it and takes it to the extreme. The tv and movies take sex which I believe was meant for marriage, and force it into high schools and grade schools and then the parents wonder why their children are experimenting earlier.
The media is desensitizing normal people on the other side of the television, movies and the ones who are looking at media as a guide to living this life. Media is taking an ideology and slowly turning it into reality and we are too blind to see that. I remember there was a time where showing skin was looked down upon and even kissing was a bit risky but the media has taken a belly shirt and high wasited pants and turned it in to a bra and short shorts which after a period of times becomes acceptable and everyone starts to follow the fad. There was also a time where swear words and drugs was not permitted to be shown on tv but I was in for a surprise when I was watching a movie on BET a few weeks back when two characters were  smoking marijuana and they showed everything and that to me is unacceptable. 


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