Sunday, March 24, 2013

talking point 7:Connections

Although I didn't pick up all the subliminal messages in the cartoon in general, there were just a few things that I can say that I subconsciously picked up on.  Growing up I watched a lot of Disney movies but I can’t say that I was an actual fan of it. I watched it mostly because my class was watching it or because my mom or aunt put it on for me and my cousins to watch. Thinking back I was a weird child, I was very girly but never really picked up wanting to live the dream of being a princess. But I must 
say that I wanted a prince charming to come sweep me off my feet and ask for my hair in marriage. Peggy Orensteins states in Cinderella Ate My Daughter  
 “There is ample evidence that the more mainstream media girl consume the more importance they place on being pretty and sexy.” (p.16) I automatically thought back to Unlearning the myths that Bind Us.  There is little paragraph that states: “Because we can never look like Cinderella, we begin to hate ourselves. The Barbie Syndrome starts as we begin a lifelong search for the perfect body.” This also made me think about me think about a song called “Unpretty” by TLC. This song touched me and really spoke what I couldn't at the time, I felt like I was not pretty enough and all the odds were against me but when I was younger I could really form it into smart enough words to help someone understand me and what I was feeling.
Media TRULY does matter and affects everyone no matter who you are!! No, the movies don’t bluntly come out and say that you have to look a curtain way to get the boy or get a head in life but the simple fact that is it implied over and over again and there cartoon shows and movies. As children we are not smart enough to pick up on little hint like that but let us watch it a few times we will subconsciously pick up on it and it will get in our spirit and hearts.   As a kid I though Princess weren't all that cool but I sure liked the fact that they always got the man and the happy ending. Brave was so different I can actually say that I loved that movie. That movie I feel challenged some of the strong ideologies that has been floating around. First off Merida is a red head which I loved!!! Who said that blood blue eyes are the only attractive ones???  I love how Disney Portrayed Merida. She is BEAUIFUL, smart, strong minded, knows what she wants, outspoken, and in your face, she pushes the limits but was still respectful. Unlike the common movie where the girl is passive, listens to whatever everyone says and is prissy, she is the complete opposite. I admire that because not every child is the same. You have some girl who was girly like me but you have other young girl who is just like Merida. She did what she wanted even though her “calling” went against it. This movie shows everyone that you don’t have to be what society says you have to be or look like. Just be yourself. It will make the young ones more comfortable and not force them into this certain box in order to prosper and feel beautiful.

My question to yall: I know it will take more than just one movie but do you think that this will affect the way children think?  as far as what they(media) perceive beautiful looks like after watching the movie Brave or do you think that I wont matter?


  1. Rachelle I really like that you put TLC's video, it has such a strong message regarding what the meaning of beauty is!! Nowadays we cant scape media and ideologies it's all matter of interpretation.

  2. i love your picture that you used! very cute:). i feel like your video was very relavant and i enjoyed watching it. your anaylsis and connections were well thought up and explained. you made me think in a way i did not about this movie (and thats the point right?!) mission accomplished.
    hope you enjoyed the movie as much as i did!

  3. I really like the picture of Brave you posted! Merida looks so happy and so determined in the picture and her mom looks so angry's like Merida is trying to prove to her mom "just watch me, I can do this."