Sunday, March 17, 2013

Final project!!

Since music is a very big part of our everyday lives, I think it would be a great topic to do for my final project. Music touches so many different lives in so many different ways. Some songs influence and motivate, and other songs not so much. It is not a mystery that listening to music does something to the brain which then leads to curtain acts. For example, when a person is shopping in a store notice that there is music playing in the background. This is because some way somehow it keeps us in the store longer and makes us spend  money. I am a big fan of music and I can testify and say that music can change a way a person thinks, feels and acts. I thought it would be a very good opportunity to do a deeper study of music and its effect on teenage behavior. I not only want to look at music but I was thinking about also looking at music videos and dissecting curtain videos and talk about how it could negatively or positively  effect teenagers.  The video that we partly watched in class one day called “Big booty hoe” really disappointed me and upset me because one, the title itself is disrespectful and degrading to not just African American woman, but woman as a whole. Once you get past the title and actually listen to the lyrics you will see that there is more disrespect to woman. Now the video, as if the song is not bad enough the video is worse, showing woman close to being naked shaking the butts all in the camera. I couldn't even watch the entire video because I was so disgusted. I am at complete shock that a video like this would go out for the world to see. Think about what this song is doing to our young teenagers, both boys and girls.  I know music influence thoughts and emotions, and behaviors but does it influence the style of dress or is the just videos?


  1. I really love your idea for a final project because music really affects teenagers. They are surrounded by it, almost consumed by it.

  2. I like the music idea and music videos. I'm sure both the lyrics of songs and the videos that go with them have an impact on teenagers.